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5 Reasons Why Anti-Termite Treatments are Essential to Protect Your Property in Kuala Lumpur

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Anti-termite treatment is a chemical process performed on the ground, stone, wood, and electrical equipment to provide the building with a chemical barrier against underground termites before and after construction. Termite pesticide, treatment before and after construction, precautions, safety, advantages and disadvantages of anti-termite treatment are discussed in this article. It is important to know mainly the 5 reasons why anti-termite treatments are essential to protect your property in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Termite Pesticide

These are chemicals used for anti-termite treatment of buildings in accordance with Malaysian standards. The anti-termite pesticides are used in soil treated water emulsions to protect buildings from termite invasion. To treat wood, oils or kerosene-based solutions of the chemicals mentioned at a concentration of 1.0% are used. 

Anti-Termite Treatment Before Construction

This involves procedures for termite-proof treatment before construction. In foundation excavation, the sides and  bottom of the foundation trenches and pits are treated with an anti-termite agent up to approximately 30 cm in height and 5 liters in output per square meter of surface. For floor coverings, wood and other waste particles are first removed from the surface. The entire surface should be level to the required height. Drill a hole 30 cm deep at a distance of 15 cm. Adding water to the chemical produces an emulsion of the correct concentration (as stated in the manufacturer’s specifications). This emulsion is poured into a hole through a casting vessel and sprayed onto the surface using a pressure pump and spraying device. Soak the chemical completely through the hole. 

Note: Termite extermination procedures should be performed by an approved expert in an endangered area of ​​termites. 

Reasons for Anti-Termite Treatment in Pre-Construction Stage

  1. Cheaper: Pre-construction anti-termite treatment involves fewer steps  compared to post-construction treatment. Therefore, the cost of  anti termite is low.
  2. Obstacles: There are few obstacles in the case of pre-construction treatment. Key components of the building such as walls that allow better access to all corners and edges of the building without obstacles, are only present in this stage. This allows a hassle free treatment plan. 
  3. Prevention: Yes, it is certainly better than a future cure. The decision to take measures against termites after construction may be too late, as  termites may have already begun to destroy the foundations, walls or wooden structures of your home. Pretreatment is recommended to remove the termite infestation at the root. 

Reasons for Anti-Termite Treatment in Post-Construction Stage

  1. Inspection: Before each treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the invasion of the building and determine the extent of its spread and the route of termite invasion into the building. 
  2. Extermination of Termites in the Building: Intrusion inspection will indicate the location of termites. The destruction inside the building is thorough and you need to look for termites in its hiding places: 


  • As a part of the anti-termite treatment plan in the construction stage, soil treatment is done. The main function of soil treatment is to create a chemical barrier between termites in the soil and the protected building. To treat the soil on the outside of the foundation, the soil in contact with the outer walls of the building is treated with an amount of 7.5 l / m² of chemical emulsion on the vertical plane of the substructure to a depth of 300 mm. 
  • Termites invade the floor of a building  through cracks and cavities in the following locations: the joint between the floor and the wall as a result of the shrinkage of the concrete, cracks  on the soil surface due to structural defects and construction joints and expansion joints for concrete ceilings. 
  • Chemical treatment should be performed in the construction area on the ground floor where cracks are seen. This is done by drilling a 12 mm hole vertically in the connection between the floor and the wall, allowing the construction and telescopic joints to reach the underlying soil at a distance of 300 mm, as mentioned above. 
  • Wood processing is done at the wood contacts. All areas where the  building comes into contact with the wood should be treated with termite-proof treatment. This is done by spraying a chemical concentration emulsion at the point of contact with the adjacent masonry by drilling a 6 mm hole in the joint between the wood and the masonry at a downward angle of approximately 45 °. 
  • Electrical appliances such as wall switch boxes are treated by removing the outer cover and treating the inner parts with 5% malathion powder. 

General Benefits of Anti-Termite Treatment

Generally anti-termite treatment by best pest control services instantly protects all structures from termites, rodents and pests. It eliminates the problem of forming protective barrier gaps that allow termites to invade the home. Liquid termite repellents are relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of termite control. Now that you are aware of the 5 reasons why anti-termite treatments are essential to protect your property in Kuala Lumpur in pre and post construction stages, it is ideal to seek services of My Pest Control professional anti-termite treatment experts.