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Best Termite Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

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Termite Infestation

Termites are elusive pests that can quickly settle in homes before showing significant signs of invasion. Termites mainly eat wood and wood products, so their colonies can quickly do a lot of damage to your home. Common signs of termites include discolored drywall, peeling paint, hollow-sounding wood, and pinpoint holes in drywall. If the colony is left untreated for long enough, the walls will literally begin to crumble. My Pest Control KL throws light into the best termite treatment options in Kuala Lumpur. 

Best Termite Treatment Options in Kuala Lumpur

Don’t watch your home collapse around you when you can get rid of termites with the best termite treatments for your home. Termites are a major concern for Kuala Lumpur residents. Termite damage is much more common in Malaysia than fires and floods. The country’s tropical environment and high humidity promote termite population growth. Get to know more about termite treatment in Kuala Lumpur before hiring professionals. 

Termite Infestation Remedies

However, you can get rid of termites and prevent them from re-invading with the best termite remedies for your home. These product categories and their respective recommendations will help you make your choice before going for a termite treatment. The termite can spread rapidly and requires termite treatment to  completely remove these pests from your home. But if your home isn’t infested yet by pests, then you can follow these steps to prevent termites. 

Inspect the foundation during every season for signs of termites. These insects build mud pipes to protect them from the sun. The mud pipe looks like a line of mud going up the base and into the sides. Proper ventilation and waterproofing reduces the buildup of moisture at homes. Make sure all windows, doors and vents are properly sealed. Schedule annual maintenance for attic ventilation if necessary. 

Keep piles of trees away from homes and reduce overcrowded vegetation in your garden. Termites are attracted to these food sources  and can easily follow the path to wooden walls and frames. Use pressure treated wood for all exterior works. Termites are rarely interested in wood  combined with chemicals. 

Best Termite Treatment Options in Kuala Lumpur

If these pest control measures do not prevent termite infestation, you should consider doing homemade termite treatment or even better by calling  a professional exterminator. Remember hiring professional termite exterminators or approaching a pest control company is deemed more effective for a permanent solution.

Best Termite Treatment Options in Kuala Lumpur

There are home remedies and professional services to fight termites. If you are staying in and around Kuala Lumpur, consider getting expert opinion with the type of treatment best suitable for your premises. 

Termite infestation treatment at times is as easy as setting food as bait. On the other hand, certain occasions push you to the extent of digging a ditch around your house to create a termite barrier. The four main types of termite treatment include liquid soil-termite pesticides (termiticides), termite baits, building materials containing termite pesticides, and wood treatment. 

Liquid-Soil Termite Pesticide

Liquid-Soil Termite Pesticide is a long-term treatment that can protect your home  from termites for up to 5 years on average, but some products may claim a longer protection period. 

However, this treatment is not easy. You need to dig a ditch around the house and apply a liquid treatment in it and ensure there are no gaps in this barrier. It is advisable to inspect termites annually as termites can find  and invade barrier gaps. 

An easy way to apply liquid floor treatment is to use a sprayer. The treatment does not last long without digs. Concentrated termite sprays are easy for most home improvement works to use to create a chemical barrier in the soil around their home. 

Termite Bait 

Place termite baits strategically within home at different spots to combat termite infestations. Baits used by professionals contain powerful ingredients such as hexaflumuron, which slowly kills termites. When termites are foraged, the readily available bait is taken back to their nest which infects other termites in the colony. 

This method is effective in killing pest invasions, but it can take a month or more to act on termites. Termite bait also requires regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the bait station still has the bait. 

Best Termite Treatment Options in Kuala Lumpur

Termite Killing Building Materials 

A good way to prevent the spread of termites in new buildings is to treat the building materials with termite pesticides before starting construction. Wood can be treated with a spray or brushed with concentrated solution. 

Another method is to pre-treat the soil by applying termite killing agents where the new structure comes into contact with the soil. Termite repellent building materials such as pressure treated wood for terrace construction are other excellent alternatives. Choose a durable material such as metal, concrete or some kind of wood that does not create a favorable breeding ground for termites. 

Wood Treatment 

Instead of treating the ground or installing a feeding station, wood treatment includes surface sprays, treatments, infused sprays and foams. These treatment options kill existing termites and prevent future pest problems. Pre-treated termite-resistant building materials use similar products to coat the lumber used to build homes. 

Best Termite Treatment Options in Kuala Lumpur

However, in order to apply a wood treatment, it is often necessary to have direct access to the wood so that the treatment can penetrate the fibers. For this reason, sprays are ideal for new constructions, as it is easier to apply wood treatment directly to the surface of the material. Injection foam is ideal for existing structures that penetrate cracks and crevices and properly penetrate the unpainted edges of  painted wood.

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