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MyPestControl is a team of accredited and licenced pest control experts in Kuala Lumpur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of pest control. We carry out complete pest control services for homes, offices and other commercial and government buildings in and around Kuala Lumpur.

Our highly-qualified pest control technicians with their state-of-the-art equipment and expertise are ready to solve all of your pest control worries in no time at all. Be it a termite infestation, rats in your attic, cockroaches that never seem to stop appearing or just about anything else – we would definitely be able to solve all of your pest control problems in no time at all.

In addition we employ environment friendly pesticides with minimal impact to the surrounding areas, and use a scientific approach when discharging pesticides to ensure the best results for our clients.

Affordable, Professional and Experts at Pest Control is what they call us over at MyPestControl. Simply give us a call to learn more!

COVID-19 Safety Measures We Employ

Fully Vaccinated Staff

Surgical-Grade Face Mask Use

Disinfectant & Hand-Sanitizer Use

Compulsory Daily Temperature Taking

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Fully Vaccinated Staff

Surgical-Grade Face Mask Use

Disinfectant & Hand-Sanitizer Use

Compulsory Daily Temperature Taking


Professional & Experienced Pest Control Experts


Personalized Pest Control Solutions


Environment Friendly & Scientific Approach


Honest & Transparent Price Guarantee


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Licensed & Insured Pest Control Specialists


Over 20+ Years of Pest Control Experience

‘Honest and Affordable Pest Control Prices – Always!’

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MyPestControl is Kuala Lumpur’s Preferred Pest Control Specialists

MyPestControl is a leading Pest Control service provider in Kuala Lumpur with over 20+ years of providing customized pest control solutions for homes, offices and more. We believe that every pest control problem our clients face requires a highly customized approach and planning to ensure optimum results without causing any harm to the occupants or nature.

We specialize in dealing with and eradicating all the following pest control problems:

Termites Control

MyPestControl services would include termite eradication, termite proofing, to pre-construction, and then post construction treatment

Mosquitos Control

MyPestControl provides larvicide treatment and fogging – penetrating hard to reach areas, followed by a zone treatment, which acts as a physical barrier to deter any new mosquitos ones from entering the premises.

Rats & Rodents Control

MyPestControl solutions include mechanical proofing and sealing, and implementing effective traps and proceeding with proper rat disposal after capture.

Ants Control

MyPestControl’s expertise in ants control treatments include residual spraying, and gel baiting – which specifically target the ant species based on their preferred food options, it aims to target the breeding source directly and quickly.

Fleas Control

MyPestControl’s proven approach to eradicating fleas include getting rid of them from your premises and offering options to treat your pets as well. A successful flea control requires treatment for both your property and pets to be 100% effective.

Flies Control

MyPestControl’s proven use of our insect light traps aim at capturing flies hygienically, making this technique safe and effective no matter where it’s employed.

Bed Bugs Control

MyPestControl’s treatment methods include bed bugs residual spraying, followed by non-chemical heat treatment – ensuring that those pesky bed bugs are eradicated even in the early developmental stages.

Cockroaches Control

MyPestControl starts by spraying a targeted treatment to kill cockroaches on sight, followed by gel baiting to bring out those in hiding – resulting in a proven method that gets rid of these pesky roaches in no time at all.

‘Expertise in Handling Complex Pest Control Tasks’

MyPestControl 5 Points of Service


thoroughly investigate the root cause of your pest problem upon visiting


We treat the perimeter of your premises with appropriate protective materials, remove all accessible insect nests, and use the safest methods available.


We do everything we can to keep insects and pests out – seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks.


We treat the interior of your premises and monitorcritical areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms, gardens and garages.

Follow Up

We stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs.

4 Easy Steps to Book Your Pest Control Appointment with MyPestControl

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Simply give us a call

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Our friendly pest control specialists would pay a visit to your premises

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Our pest control technician would then discuss the various customized pest control solutions & costing with you

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You choose the pest control solution that suits you best and then it’s ‘Sayonara’ to your pest problems!

‘Environment Friendly & Scientific Approach to Pest Control’

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‘Environment Friendly & Scientific Approach to Pest Control’

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MyPestControl Serves All Areas in and around Kuala Lumpur

No matter where you are in Kuala Lumpur, our experienced pest control team would be able to assist you accordingly.

What Makes MyPestControl Different?

Strong Expertise

MyPestControl employs highly-trained and experienced pest control technicians to perform the right pest control solutions in Kuala Lumpur. We address the root cause of your premise's pest infestation.

Wide Range of Services

MyPestControl is a full service Malaysian pest control specialist that can handle a wide range of pests: from termite control, bug removal, fumigation, bed bugs removal, and many more pest treatments.

Quality Services

Our years of experience and improved methods have allowed us to be listed as one of the top pest control companies in Kuala Lumpur, as we meet the high regulatory and health standards set.

Proven Methods -

Non-Toxic Chemicals - Our methods for pest control are environmental-friendly. We use non-toxic chemicals and sustainable solutions for your surroundings.

Non-Toxic Chemicals

Our methods for pest control are environmental-friendly. We use non-toxic chemicals and sustainable solutions for your surroundings.

Affordable Rates Promise

All of our pest control treatment services come at very affordable and economical rates.

Free Consultation

We also offer a no-obligation site inspection and transparent price quotation.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to work for our customers' needs and requirements and ensure your satisfaction with every pest control job we take on.

MyPestControl Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pest control solutions for residential and commercial customers have varying needs. Commercial pest control services are often required to meet and pass the rules and regulations set by the local government agencies in Kuala Lumpur such as Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and health authorities.

In additioncommercial pest control requirements include the provision of reporting services for audit, compliance and monitoring purposes.

Treatment areas to consider includes the size and nature of the environment, type of pest species of concern, severity level of any existing pest problem and the surrounding circumstances.

MyPestControl has a large and experienced team of licensed pest control technicians and a fast response team for your pest control needs in and around Kuala Lumpur. We come with  over 20+  years of experience in pest control treatment provisioning and offer safe, effective and environmentally-friendly solutions and also place a high importance on safety measures employed in place when carrying our pest control duties.

This is by far the most popular question in our list by far. As each pest control assignment we take on is customised to address the specific problem, our prices would vary. However we guarantee that our prices would always be very affordable and the pest control services we provide would be of the highest standards of professionalism and quality. Simply give us a call to learn more!

We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously. All of our plumbers are fully-vaccinated, adhere to strict daily temperature taking measure, wear surgical-grade face mask throughout the plumbing appointment visit and are trained to use disinfectants and hand sanitizers whenever required.
As we carry out various type of pest control work ranging from termite treatment to eradicating rodents – the warranty we offer would vary depending on the nature of the job carried out. Typically our warranty ranges from 3 months to 12 months. You are most welcome to ask about this further when contacting us.

Though with our many years of pest control experience, we can generally give a good estimate on pest control service costing,however the actual costing can only be committed upon inspection of your pest problem by our of our trained technicians. This is because until our pest control technicians are able to assess the actual pest problem in person, a definitive costing would not be possible – as there may be other intricate issues which you may not be aware at the time of contacting us or other additional complexities that are unaccounted for.

There are several steps that you could take to help prevent termites from infesting your property. First, you should eliminate or reduce moisture in and around your premises, which is crucial for termites to thrive. Divert water away from your building or home’s foundation by ensuring proper functioning gutters and splash blocks. Trim trees, plants and hedges to prevent them from blocking vents of your premises. Remove old foam boards, tree trunks and roots as they tend to attract termites. Finally schedule a routine inspection of your home or office building with MyPestControl for signs of termites and ensure they’re dealt with as soon as possible.

Yes, MyPestControl is a licensed and insured pest control company in Kuala Lumpur. When we visit your home for your inspection, our technicians and exterminators are happy to provide copies of these certifications that you can keep for your records. Just ask!

As each pest control situation we handle is different, we utilise a highly tailored approach to get best results. We first look at the kind of pests in the home or building. We then investigate to see what stage of life are the insects in – eggs, larvae, pupae or adult? Then we look at how serious is the current pest infestation and how long have they been around. We then formulate a method of treatment that would take the least amount of time and deliver the best results in eradicating the pest issue permanently. We also inform you of the next timeframe for a timely inspection to ensure the pests eradicated stay away!
Modern pest control treatments that we at MyPestControl employ are all certified to be safe for use around people and pets. In addition, we take strict safety measures when dispensing our treatment around people and pets to prevent any untoward incidents.